Human and Digital Traces

Azimuth 7/2016 | Human and Digital Traces
Edited by Simone Guidi and Alberto Romele
ISBN: 9788863729436
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The “onlife” condition is a living sphere in which our practical and ethical action do not need to distinguish between informational and non-informational objects. For this reason, in the last twenty years digital technologies have generated a strong interest in the philosophical scenario and, since digital tracking has become a daily routine, it started gathering around itself the work of many philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists and media theorists. The aim of this seventh issue of Azimuth is to stir a philosophical debate in the belief that digital traces can offer a new paradigm starting from which we can re-think Humanism and the human being, its environment and its technical action in the world. In other words, we suggest the possibility a computational turn in philosophy comparable with the computational turn we have seen in many ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ sciences in these last ten or fifteen years.


  • Preliminary Notes
  • Bruno Bachimont, Traces, calcul et intérpretation: de la mesure à la donnée
  • Cléo Collomb, Pour un concept technologique de trace numérique
  • Enrico Terrone, Causal Routes to Nowhere. On Digital Photographs as Traces
  • Simone Guidi – Alberto Romele, Deforming the Subject. Digital Traces and the Post- of Humanism
  • Marcello Vitali-Rosati, Digital Architectures: the Web, Editorialization and Metaontology
  • Alberto Romele – Marta Severo, From Philosopher to Network. Using Digital Traces for Understanding Paul Ricoeur’s Legacy
  • Pierre Lévy, The Data-Centric Society
  • Maurizio Ferraris, Dalla mobilitazione totale all’azione esemplare
  • Cyber-sorveglianza, guerra e religione, il mondo a una dimensione
    Conversazione tra Francesco Monico e Derrick De Kerckhove
  • Filosofia dell’informazione e tracce digitali: Alberto Romele intervista Luciano Floridi