Subjectivity and Digital Culture

Azimuth 14/2019 | Subjectivity and Digital Culture

Edited by Federica Buongiorno, Bernhard Irrgang
ISBN: 9788855290623
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What role does subjectivity play in digital culture? This question implies a clarification, first, of what exactly we mean by digital culture, and, second, of what a subject is within digital culture. While the 19th century was characterized by print culture and the 20th century by broadcasting culture, we are now experiencing a new paradigm shift: digital technology has radically changed the way we produce (and consume) information, goods, values, social relationships, institutional bonds, etc. The influence of new digital media in contemporary advanced societies, the role played by the Internet and social networking on a global scale, the possibilities disclosed by IT, communication by means of digital tools such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc., gaming, and GPS technologies – just to name a few: these are all aspects that contribute to the construction of a digital culture in the form of an increasingly virtual, augmented and hyperlinked society. With this issue, our aim is to provide an interdisciplinary overview of the most problematic features of digital culture and the digital self according to contemporary debate, which might suggest new directions for future research and collaborative work.