Thinking in Exile. The Nomadic Philosophy of Vilém Flusser

Azimuth 13/2019 | Thinking in Exile. The Nomadic Philosophy of Vilém Flusser

Edited by Rainer Guldin, Marco Carassai
ISBN: 9788855290609
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Since the early nineties, the reception of Vilém Flusser was mainly focused on his media theory. If on the one hand this focus allowed to launch the first development in the study of Flusser’s ideas, on the other hand, it ended to conceal other relevant topics and theoretical attempts of the Czech-born philosopher. Even if his work appears fragmented into several disciplines and areas, there is an original source that produces this variety of topics and methodologies: a deep connection between exile, creativity, and thought. As a matter of fact, Flusser’s philosophy is thinking in exile between nations and national identities across different languages (German, Portuguese, English, and French), between and outside defined disciplines and scientific fields, after history and geography, maybe also beyond man. The purpose of this issue of Azimuth is to map this – not yet sufficiently explored – intersection in Flusser’s thought, by taking into account the complexity of his multifaceted thinking and the overlapping of different fields.