Azimuth’s Editorial Team


Federica Buongiorno / Ed. in Chief

Visiting Research Fellow (Post-Doc) at the “Freie Universität Berlin” (“Institut für Philosophie”) since 2014. She was awarded post-doc research fellowships by DAAD (2014), the Sapienza University of Rome (2014-2015) and the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Storici of Naples (2012-2013). She received her PhD in Theoretical Philosophy in 2013 from Sapienza Università di Roma. She is the Editor in Chief of the book series UMWEG for “InSchibboleth edizioni” (together with Dr. Libera Pisano, Prof. Roberto Esposito and Prof. Christoph Wulf), and she’s a member of the Editorial Board of various philosophical journals, such as “Lo Sguardo”, “Filosofia Italiana” and “il Cannocchiale”. She works as a translator and advisor for publishers in Italy and has published several contributions about phenomenology, Edmund Husserl’s philosophy and the 20th Century Philosophy. In 2014 she published her two books La linea del tempo. Coscienza, percezione, memoria tra Bergson e Husserl (deComporre Edizioni) and Logica delle forme sensibili. Sul precategoriale nel primo Husserl (Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura).


Simone Guidi

Lecturer in Aesthetic of New Media at the NABA Fine Arts Academy of Milan, and Membro Colaborador of the Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos, University of Coimbra, Portugal. He received his PhD in Philosophy from SAPIENZA University of Rome in 2013. His research deals with the evolution of philosophical anthropology – since the middle ages to the posthuman – and with the concept of “virtuality”. He is the founder and the managing editor of the electronic philosophical journal “Lo Sguardo” and he contributes to several others academic journals and collective volumes.


Antonio Lucci

Currently holding a Post-Doc Scholarship at the Excellence Cluster Topoi (Humboldt-Freie Universität), and teaches Aesthetics of New Media at NABA in Milan. Previously he has taught at the Institut für Kulturwissenschaft (Humboldt Universität in Berlin) and researched at SAPIENZA University of Rome (2012-2013). He has a PhD in Philosophy (Trieste, 2012), and since 2009 is has being Assistant for the chair of Philosophy and Problems of Intersubjectivity at SAPIENZA University of Rome. Ordinary member of ISAP and editor of the philosophical review “Lo Sguardo”. He has spent years studying Peter Sloterdijk’s thought, with numerous interventions in books and magazines and the first Italian monography on this author (“Il limite delle sfere. Saggio su Peter Sloterdijk”, Rome 2011).


Marco Carassai

Ha conseguito un Dottorato di ricerca di Filosofia preso l’Università la Sapienza di Roma, discutendo una tesi sul tema del linguaggio e la questione della temporalità nel pensiero di Nietzsche. Il suo ambito di ricerca è la filosofia contemporanea, la filosofia del linguaggio, l’ermeneutica. Autore di diverse pubblicazioni scientifiche, traduttore, è attualmente Cultore della materia presso la cattedra di Filosofia Teoretica all’Università La Sapienza di Roma.

Igor Pelgreffi Filosofia


Igor Pelgreffi

PhD in Philosophy, he is Adjunct Professor (University of Verona) of “Ethics and Philosophy of the person” and high school teacher in Bologna. He is member of “Officine Filosofiche” (University of Bologna) and the Research Center “Tiresia. Filosofia e psicoanalisi” (University of Verona) and editor of the Journal “Kaiak”, for which he is the co-director of the collections “Estetica e teoria delle arti” and “Scritture”. Moving from an interest in Nietzsche and in contemporary philosophy (he translated texts of Nancy, Derrida and Žižek), his research’s focus are corporeity and the relationship between philosophy, writing, technique and body (essays on Camus, Bernhard, Derrida, Gadda, Gargani, Morselli, Nancy, Nietzsche, Sennett, Žižek). He stresses also the different forms of expressions of philosophy, like autobiography or the performance of the philosopher on the screen or medial devices. He is currently developing a research on the topic of automatism. Among his books: Il pensiero e il suo schermo. Morfologie filosofiche fra cinema e nuovi media (KE, 2013, eds.), Slavoj Žižek (Orthotes, 2014), Scrittura e filosofia. Jacques Derrida interprete di Nietzsche (Aracne, 2014), La scrittura dell’autos. Derrida e l’autobiografia (Galaad, 2015), Il filosofo e il suo schermo. Video-interviste confessioni monologhi (KE, 2016, eds.).



Libera Pisano

Libera Pisano is currently Junior Fellow at Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies (University of Hamburg) with a research project on linguistic skepticism and anarchy in Gustav Landauer´s thought. She was Visiting Research Fellow (Post-doc) at the Theologische Fakultät of Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, with a research project entitled «Entfremdung des Judentums – Entfremdung der Zeichen. Hegels Auseinandersetzung mit Mendelssohn» (a.a. 2014-2015). She earned her PhD in theoretical Philosophy at La Sapienza, Università di Roma in 2014, with a dissertation entitled «Lo spirito manifesto. Percorsi linguistici nella filosofia hegeliana» (ETS 2016). She published several essays concerning the role of language in Hegel’s writings, G.B. Vico’s thought, anarchic tradition, utopia and gender studies. She is member of the editorial board of various philosophical journals, such as “Azimuth. Philosophical coordinates”, “Lo Sguardo” and “Filosofia Italiana”. Since February 2016 she has been co-director of the international philosophical book series “Umweg” (Inschibboleth Edizioni).

Publishing Editor: Giacomo Scarpelli