The Subject of Politics: People, Populism, and Democracy

Azimuth 17/2021 | The Subject of Politics: People, Populism, and Democracy / Il soggetto della politica: popolo, populismo e democrazia

Edited by José Luis Villacañas, Cristina Basili, Anxo Garrido
ISSN (paper): 2282-4863
ISBN (paper): 978-88-5529-283-2
ISBN (e-book): 978-88-5529-284-9

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The main purpose of this issue is to develop a genealogical and critical approach to populist theories and practices. We propose to analyze the historical emergency, within the last two centuries, of processes of democratization that lead to different forms of conceiving and theorizing the people and its emancipation. Particularly, we aim to critically engage with the broad spectrum of post-Marxist and post-structuralist theories that, since the groundbreaking work of Ernesto Laclau, have further extended his intellectual legacy. To question this philosophical-political framework should produce an enlargement of the ways of understanding and enacting current democratic challenges, beyond the spectrum of populism.

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