Immersivity. Philosophical Perspectives on Technologically Mediated Experience

Azimuth 20/2022 | Immersivity. Philosophical Perspectives on Technologically Mediated Experience

Edited by Jacopo Bodini, Alessandro De Cesaris

ISSN (paper): 2282-4863
ISBN (paper): 978-88-5529-346-4
ISBN (e-book): 978-88-5529-347-1

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The notion of ‘immersivity’ is a pivotal element in the description of tech­nologically mediated experience, designating an inherent quality of objects, spaces and more generally situations able to produce an impression of im­mersion. Different from the notion of ‘immersion’ itself – which describes «a process of reception» focusing on sensations and feelings of the subject of experience – «immersivity designates a process of production» (Freitag et alii, 2020). The issue pays a special attention to the conditions of possibility, both material and immaterial, of immersive experiences: tech­nologies, environments, materials, practices, but also theoretical, ideological and political frames. At the same time, it aims at exploring some theoreti­cal questions that are still open in the debate on immersive experience, in the digital environments as well as in other contexts. In order to do so, different and complementary philosophical approaches to the question of immersivity are combined, coming from multiple philosophical disciplines, such as: aesthetics, material and critical historicism coupled with a genealogical approach, philosophical anthropology, phenomenology and post-phenomenology, cognitive science (4E cognition), and deconstructionism.

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